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Spray NBQ SLOW 400ml

NBQ spray painting for graffiti and street art.

Low pressure and matt colors.

Accuracy of strokes, textures, color overlays and high performance.

A lot of colors

You can use the MTN nozzle system

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Carta Colores
  • N01 Blanco
  • N02 Beige Dermos
  • N03 Crema Sogado
  • N04 Beige Dromeda
  • N64 Ocre Avena
  • N104 Ocre Colina
  • N61 Amarillo Paseo
  • N05 Amarillo peseta
  • N62 Amarillo gastado
  • N51 Amarillo Nuclear
  • N69 Amarillo ácido
  • N68 Amarillo esponja
  • N105 Naranja Fresh
  • N106 Naranja melocotón
  • N08 Naranja fétido
  • N107 Amarillo tóxico
  • N06 Amarillo nécora
  • N74 Naranja salpicón
  • N71 Naranja Crin
  • N70 Sirope
  • N09 Naranja sin
  • N10 Naranja con
  • N52 Naranja gazpacho
  • N72 Naranja óxido
  • N76 Rojo capicua
  • N16 Rojo Coagulo
  • N15 Rojo calimocho
  • N80 Rojo congestionado
  • N138 Rojo otoño
  • N18 Rojo costra
  • N19 Rojo torelis
  • N14 Rosa pate
  • N17 Rojo Caña
  • N79 Rojo distante
  • N75 Rojo frambuesa
  • N78 Rosa ahumado
  • N13 Rosa placente
  • N12 Rosa cerdito
  • N11 Rosa tiquis
  • N53 Magenta claro
  • N39 Magenta
  • N54 Purpura poción
  • N137 Violeta Fiesta
  • N82 Purpura lacado
  • N38 Violeta amatis
  • N83 Violeta Paramecia
  • N131 Violeta Jocker
  • N37 Violeta hematoma
  • N36 Violeta varices
  • N35 Violeta jipi
  • N34 Violeta funki
  • N26 Azul refrigerante
  • N125 Azul medusa
  • N126 Azul celestial
  • N27 Azull trade
  • N86 Azul pirata
  • N29 Azul Pitufo
  • N28 Azul osmosis
  • N33 Azul ozono
  • N32 Azul yin
  • N31 Azul tatu
  • N59 Azul electro
  • N58 Azul Turquesa
  • N150 Azul quirofano
  • N121 Verde Transgénico
  • N91 Verde selvático
  • N56 Verde pepino
  • N88 Verde alternativo
  • N122 Verde monte
  • N24 Verde Roquefort
  • N23 Verde musgo
  • N57 Verde laser
  • N21 Verde Indoor
  • N93 Verde gamuso
  • N20 Verde dígito
  • N113 Verde bajo
  • N114 Verde pálido
  • N22 Verde Wisha
  • N112 Verde residuo
  • N63 Verde espiritual
  • N117 Verde Sabana
  • N118 Verde camu
  • N119 Verde militar
  • N115 Verde aceituna
  • N67 Ocre terrenal
  • N109 Ocre tofe
  • N45 Marrón tochano
  • N65 Verde pistilo
  • N66 Verde mimentizado
  • N46 Marrón cáries
  • N73 Marrón tejado
  • N44 Marrón roña
  • N47 Marrón peca
  • N144 Marrón puro
  • N97 Marrón bombón
  • N146 Gris roble
  • N81 Lila comodín
  • N99 Piel con
  • N98 Piel sin
  • N147 Gris luna
  • N100 Gris distante
  • N43 Gris baday
  • N40 Gris humo
  • N41 Gris alérgico
  • N42 Gris menhir
  • N60 Gris magnum
  • N50 Negro
  • N502 Negro transparente
  • N501 Blanco transparente
  • N49 Plata
  • N157 Marrón Duna
  • N158 Marrón Combi
  • N159 Marrón Dieta
  • N160 Brownn Box
  • N161 Brown Camel
  • N162 Marrón Coco
  • N151 Just Blue
  • N152 Rojo Puro
  • N153 Eco Green
  • N154 Magenta Afilado
  • N155 Amarillo Capa
  • N156 Reina Purpura
  • N101 Gris Nivel
  • N124 Azul Cristalino
  • N129 Violeta Chuche
  • N166 Azul Tranquilidad
  • N165 Violeta Placer
  • N167 Verde Chicle Menta
  • N168 Verde Celador
  • N169 Verde Alcarraza
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Type: matte synthetic paint System: female - high and low pressure Description: 147 matt colors, universal high-low pressure valve, for total control, excellent synthetic paint, ultra cover on all kinds of surface...
NOT SUITABLE FOR USE High pressure gloss spray with 8 colors available ideal for quick graffiti, with a new formulation that varying the nozzle can be used as a low pressure. It is served with a fat pink wide-line...

NBQ Pro spray paint is an evolved spray because it has been thought and developed by graffiti artists.
To this end, special attention has been paid to the accuracy of the strokes, the textures, the superposition of colors and the performance of the boat.

Format: 400ml.

NBQ Pro works under the highest quality and guarantee standards, controlling the production process from start to finish.


Matte painting unaggressible and covering, even above the color silver.
Minimum spray pressure for small details.
Strokes with perfection and sharpness, even when reduced.
Soft pressure spring, allowing "brushstrokes" with extreme ease.
Fast drying.
Homogeneity in the application.
Color accuracy.
Translucent colors.
Interchangeable nozzles depending on the activity to be performed

Matte colors for your works on the street.

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Type: matte synthetic paint System: female - high and low pressure Description: 147 matt colors, universal high-low pressure valve, for total control, excellent synthetic paint, ultra cover on all kinds of surface...
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