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Water-proof varnish in bright weather Titanlux 750ml

Bright water varnish with high weather resistance without loss of brightness. Hard and flexible It contains ultraviolet filters. With mold preservative.

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Application Fields
Special to protect and decorate the wood outside in extreme conditions or harsh environments, both urban and rural and high mountain.

Technical data
Acrylic nature.
Glossy finish.
Color (UNE EN ISO 11664-4) Colorless.
Density (UNE EN ISO 2811-1) 1.03 - 1.07 Kg / l.
Performance (UNE 48282) 10 - 16 m² / l.
Drying at 23 ° C 60% RH (UNE 48301) 30-60 minutes / dry touch: 15-30 minutes.
Repainted at 23 ° C 60% RH (UNE 48283) 4 - 6 hours.
Application Methods Brush, roller and gun.
Dilution Brush: 5% (1st Layer unpainted wood) / Roller 5 -10% / Gun: 15 - 20%.
Water diluent.
Application Conditions, RH <80% +10 ° C - +30 ° C.
Volume Solids (UNE EN ISO 3233-3) 33 - 37%.
VOC (UNE EN ISO 11890-2) 2.004 / 42IIA (e) (150/130) VOC 65 g / l.
Presentation 2.5 l, 750 ml and 250 ml.
Variations in temperature, humidity, thickness, dyeing or depending on the type of support, etc., can cause changes in drying, yield or other properties.

How to use
Stir well in the container. Surfaces must be smooth (sanded), degreased, clean and dry.
Apply in thin layers and sand gently between layers.
The moisture content of the wood should not exceed 12% in hardwood and 15% in softwood.
Do not varnish in full sun or with dew.
Sand the wood in the direction of the grain, clean thoroughly, remove resins or secretions of resins and kill live edges.
Old varnished wood: it is essential to completely remove the dry and gray surface by sanding or brushing thoroughly until the wood is exposed in good condition.
Indoors: apply 2 or 3 coats.
Outdoors: For a better protection of the wood to the outside, apply Titanxyl Total Total Protection or Titanxyl Lasur Ultra Bottom, finishing with 2 or 3 layers of Varnish to the Ecological Outdoor Water.
To restore interior wood with woodworm problems, apply a layer of Titanxyl Matacarcomas to the Water, with mold problems apply a layer of Titanxyl Total Ultra Protection or Titanxyl Lasur Ultra Bottom.
Resinous and tropical woods: they can prevent drying. Thoroughly degrease with TITAN Yacht Diluent to remove resin. Apply a first coat on a reduced surface and observe. If the resin exudation persists, consult the Technical Service, but finish with 2-3 layers of Varnish to the Ecological Outdoor Water.
Sand gently, remove the dust generated and apply 1 or 2 coats according to the state of the surface.
When old varnishes are catalytic or polyurethane, it is essential to sand the entire surface thoroughly, to remove them completely.
Remove completely and proceed as on unprepared surfaces.

Before using the product, read the package instructions carefully. For more information consult Safety Data Sheet.
Store tightly closed containers sheltered from sources of heat and temperature below zero. Storage: 36 months in original unopened container.

Waste management:
Follow local legal regulations. Help protect the environment, do not dispose of waste in the drain, deposit it in
The nearest recycling center. Calculate the amount of product you will need and thus avoid waste and extra cost. Store excess product well stored for new use.
Contains IPBC to protect the initial properties of the treated article.

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