Eccentric by Vallejo

Eccentric by Vallejo

Eccentric by Vallejo is a range of special colors, which act in a different way. The series includes different formulations such as Colorshift, fluorescent, new generation metallized and other effects made with unique pigments that allow the modeller to achieve maximum creativity.

Colorshift is the first range, a selection of metallized acrylic colors for airbrushing with the particularity that the multichromatic pigments used in the formulation give the colors an intense metallic tone enhanced by microcrystalline-like particles that act as a refracting prism. The multicolored effect is observed depending on the angle or lighting, and is optimally displayed in applications on curved supports printed in bright black.

The range is available in bottles of 17 ml./0.57 fl.oz. With dropper.

The sets of the Colorshift range contain a selection of metallic acrylic colors for airbrushing. Depending on the angle or light, the color varies from one tone to another. Shake well and apply in thin layers. The most spectacular effects are obtained on a shiny black base.

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