Hello, in this article we are going to present the different items available to the store, to make graffiti, take and other related to urban art, although many people do not know in our store we have been selling products for more than 10 years urban, we have also been actively collaborating in events related to street art in our city Manresa, as in all the murals made by murs plàstics, contests, workshops, the stalow fest, and other festivals.

I attached some images.

Photo: Mursplàstics

Photo: Stalow fest

Before starting with the articles to make graffiti we could say that there are two product ranges, the first to make graffiti, urban art or mural, in places that have permission for it, in which the artist can entertain himself in making details in his mural and to work quietly. And that of murals in places without their corresponding permits, in which due to the difficulty that involves both the sites and the time to perform the graffiti, specific sprays are used for this purpose.

The star product of graffiti currently, is the 94 of MTN Colors, with a very wide range of colors, solid colors to light and a very good range of 199 colors, of which this year they made an enlargement of 27 colors, their characteristic low pressure and matt finish make it an almost essential spray to perform any grafitti.

Another great product to make graffiti with great detail is NBQ, manufactured by NBQ Company, how we can say that it is a low pressure spray and matte finish, colors resistant to the sun and with a wide range of colors 148 of which They have released 12 new colors during this year, it is a good spray to make details.

These two sprays could say that they are the most important to make murals and graffiti with all details luxury, now we have to comment on the sprays that currently exist in the house MTN and NBQ to make quick graffiti, either on bridges, trains, etc ... ..

If you think we could start with the most mythical of them all the HARDCORE MTN, what to say about this spray that is not known, its basic characteristics is that it has a shiny finish, and has differentiated from the other commented is high pressure. It has a good range of colors over 100 that is not bad, they have a decent cover. It is one of the most used sprays in the world of graffiti.

Another spray known in the world is the 2G also of MONTANA COLORS, this spray is the 2G 400, which is a spray of matt finish and high pressure, in this size can only be purchased in black, there is also the 2G 500, it is also high pressure and matte finish the difference is that apart from the black color, you can also buy in white, silver, red, yellow, green, blue and some other color, you can see the color palette on our website, this type Spray is also known as the "silver killer", for its great covering power.

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