In this article we are going to talk about a new product, pinstriping painting by Custom Creative.
Before we present you this Andalusian company.

Custom Creative is a newly created company founded in 2014, fruit of the great demand from professionals in the automotive decoration and design sector, to find good quality products at a price commensurate with the current situation.

Our brand is developed with the inestimable collaboration of a group of painters, professionals of the sector at international level who have been working and perfecting the products since 2010, these being the ones that have been choosing them, and improving them with the help of our chemists, to achieve technologies according to the needs of professionals, obtaining high-end results for a sector, that of painting, increasingly demanding.

The products are endorsed by artists and painters recognized worldwide. This catalog is in continuous adaptation according to the new demands of the sector, developing new products according to the needs of our customers.

Custom Creative, collects the suggestions of our technicians from each country continuously, to verify the proper functioning of our products in different global areas, serving both the field of refinish and custom paint, offering a wide and diverse catalog.

Now if we could talk a little about the painting.
Paint specially designed for pinstriping and lettering for its viscosity. With the Custom Creative paint we can perform pinstriping on shiny surfaces ensuring perfect adhesion, brightness and hardness without the need to use catalysts. It can also be used to decorate leather. Available in 17 colors in 125 ml packs.
We can also highlight its main characteristics.
- Good flow: Stability and homogeneity with or without the use of a reducer
- Optimal drying stabilization that gives enough margin for strokes and lettering
- High hardness of the paint
- Maximum brightness - does not require varnishing. The brightness is maintained for years.
- Perfect density: thanks to the gelatinous texture of the paints, the density allows an easy application and pleasant use.
- High coverage due to the good quality of the pigments and good homogeneity
- Very good adhesion in: sheet metal, plastics, glass without need of previous primers
- Custom Creative enamel paint is guaranteed to be applied on leather materials, such as caps, vests, etc.


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