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Everything you want for airbrushing.
Paints, packs, airbrushes, supports, accessories and more ...

  • Airbrushes and sprayers
    Airbrushes and sprayers

    In this section you will find all kinds of airbrushes and sprayers from the best brands like Vega, Chaves, Badger and many more.

    In case of any doubt or not clear what type to choose please contact us and we will advise you according to the type of use you intend to give your airbrush or sprayer.

  • Accessories and spare parts
    Accessories and spare parts

    Accessories for compressors, records, adapters, masking paper, brackets for airbrushes of various brands like Badger, Harder & steenbeck, Ventus, Chaves, Aztek, and much more

  • Spare Parts
    Spare Parts

    Needles, reservoirs, various brand nozzles VENTUS, VEGA, BADGER, CHAVES, AZTEK, HARDER & STEENBECK

  • Paintings

    CREATEX, SPECTRA, KROMA COLOR, LIQUID MAKE IP, VALLEJO, TALENS, AUTO AIR, ILLUSTRATION, MODEL AIR, PREMIUM and many more. We are at your disposal for airbrushing, body, food, modeling, dioramas, war games, miniatures.

  • Auxiliaries

    Varnishes, primers, liquid masks, airbrush cleaners, retardants, various thinners, various brands CREATEX, VALLEJO, AUTO AIR and others

  • Pinstriping

    Material for pinstriping in general, here you will find paintings, brushes, tapes, reducers, catalysts, tapes and more

  • Sets of paintings
    Sets of paintings

    We have at your disposal several kits with basic colors, opaque, candys, metallic, paraefectos, model and more

  • Airbrush kits
    Airbrush kits

    Aerography kits for beginners, also for professionals of various brands VENTUS, CHAVES, BADGER, VEGA, CHAVES, DISMOER, AZTEK, IWATA, etc ..., you can also find kits with several airbrushes.

  • Compressors

    Compressors for airbrushes of different brands and models, you can see compressors of brands such as VENTUS, WERKU, DISMOER, SIL AIR, etc ...

  • Hobby Stencils
    Hobby Stencils

    Vallejo Stencils are templates for modeling with a wide assortment of references and themes. Translucent and flexible, they adapt easily to model surfaces. Washable, easy to handle, simplify the reproduction of all kinds of effects and textures. The templates are used to enhance an atmosphere, they can be used in all kinds of dioramas, to simulate graffiti or signage in buildings, badges and camouflages on planes or armored vehicles, spaceships and science fiction.

    Available in several categories:
    • AFV Markings: Badges, numerals, slogans, unit or nationality marks designed for historical and modern armored vehicles.
    • Camouflages: Camouflage schemes designed for armored vehicles or aircraft; available in various scales.
    • Air Markings: Badges, numerals, unit or nationality marks, registers and surface effects designed for historical and modern aircraft.
    • Lettering & Signs: Urban signs, typography and lettering for dioramas, advertisements, commercial signs and graffiti.
    • Sci-Fi & Fantasy: Badges, numerals, effects, panels and schemes designed for vehicles, ships and scenes of science fiction and fantasy.
    • Texture Effects: Splashes, textures, cracks, stains and other physical effects.

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