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Paintings, decoration and DIY 

In this section you will find everything you need to decorate your home both outside and inside. Products such as special exterior or interior paints, parquet, coatings, vinyls, wallpaper, ecological paints and enamels, varnishes, lasures, putties, ...

  • Ecological Paints
    Ecological Paints

    Paints for walls, wood, irons, silicate paints, click on our products with an ecological seal.

  • Plastic Paints
    Plastic Paints

    Matte and satin plastic paints, you can choose between different brands and qualities of interior and exterior, as well as colors to decorate the interior and exterior of your home.

  • Enamels

    Acrylic solvent enamels, antioxidants, specials and more.

  • Primers

    Primers for wood, iron, plaster or other supports that need it, you can find these primers to water or solvent.

  • Wallpaper / Photomural / Vinyl
    Wallpaper / Photomural / Vinyl

    Papers for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, for any home environment. It is also this section you will find high quality children's murals, landscapes, cities, youth and we have also included a vinyl section.

  • Varnishes and Lasures
    Varnishes and Lasures

    Varnishes and Lasures to protect and decorate wood, garden furniture, pergolas, and all kinds of wooden furniture.

  • Waterproofing paints
    Waterproofing paints

    Waterproofing paints for floors, ceilings, walls and more.

  • Floor paints
    Floor paints

    Paints for epoxy floors, polyurethane, chlorocaucho, primers, vials, everything to paint cement, concrete, afalto, terraces and more.

  • Putties

    Putties for walls, wood, iron, etc ...

  • Products for cars
    Products for cars

    Putties, sprays, paints, tools, everything necessary for the maintenance of the exterior of your car, truck or motorcycle.

  • Nautical

    Paints, primers, putties ...

  • Maintenance and cleaning products
    Maintenance and cleaning products

    Cleaning products, thinners, silicone glues and a wide range of products and accessories.

  • Dyes and Additives
    Dyes and Additives

    Dyes and additives to add to all types of paints.

  • Products for pools
    Products for pools

    Paints, putties, chlorine, all the material to repair and maintain your pool.

  • Complementary products
    Complementary products

    Complementary products for example you will find latex, strippers, sparkles and other products for decoration and DIY.

  • Solvents

    Polyurethane solvents, epoxy, universal, odorless, and more.

  • Machinery and Tools
    Machinery and Tools

    Machinery and tools to carry out work in different areas, here you can find everything from tools for modeling and crafts to tools for working on bodies, industry or tools related to decorative painting.

  • Brushes | Rollers | Spatulas
    Brushes | Rollers | Spatulas

    Paletinas, brushes, brushes, roller, spatulas all to be able to paint and caulk the walls, irons of your house, company or workshop

  • Job security
    Job security

    Everything you need for Occupational Safety you will find in this section, earplugs, helmets, buccal masks, gloves, clothes, etc ...

  • High decoration
    High decoration

    High decoration like sands, Venetians, Florentine lands and others.

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