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Models and accessories 

Models, dioramas, tiles, accessories, etc.

  • Block models
    Block models

    Figures, heroes, video game characters, star wars, and many more to ride in blocks

  • Construction kits
    Construction kits

    In this family you will find everything you need to complete your models and dioramas, such as tiles, bricks, tiles, drums, soldiers and more accessories. You will also find different bases to start making your first dioramas. We have several brands such as Acrylicos Vallejo, Dismoer, etc.

  • Wood, Evergreen, brass
    Wood, Evergreen, brass

    In this category you will be able to find different material to build your dioramas models, etc. For example, balsa wood, metals, and other model materials

  • Scenery Vallejo
    Scenery Vallejo

    Vallejo Scenery is a range of miniature vegetation with which you can complement your scenes adding more realism to the representation in its models, figures, land of wargames or historical dioramas.

    • Vallejo Scenery contains a wide assortment of measurements and references.
    • Ready to use, simply remove or trim the product and place it on the scene.
    • Self-adhesive, they can also be fixed with PVA glue to achieve better adhesion.

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