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Fine arts

The term fine arts was popularized in the eighteenth century to refer to the main art forms that were developed mainly by the use of aesthetics, idealization of beauty and good use of technique. The first book to be classified that classifies the fine arts is Les Beaux-Arts réduits à un même principe, published in 1746 by the French Charles Batteux, who tried to unify the numerous theories on beauty and taste. Batteux originally included dance, sculpture, music, painting and poetry in the fine arts, subsequently added architecture and eloquence.1

Over time, the list would undergo changes according to the different authors who would add or remove arts to this list (eloquence was eliminated). In 1911, Ricciotto Canudo was the first theoretician of cinema to describe him as the seventh art, in his essay "Manifesto of the Seven Arts," which was published in 1914.2

Also due to the historical evolution of the term, it is usual that the use of fine arts is associated, in educational institutions and museums of fine arts, almost exclusively to the visual arts or visual arts. In this sense, the word art is also often synonymous with visual arts, when used in terms like art gallery.

Fine Arts in Painting

Painting is the art of graphic representation using pigments mixed with other organic or synthetic binder substances. In this art are used painting techniques, knowledge of color theory and pictorial composition, and drawing. The practice of the art of painting consists in applying a certain technique on a given surface - a sheet of paper, a canvas, a wall, a wood, a piece of fabric, etc. - to obtain a composition of shapes, colors , Textures, drawings, etc. Giving rise to a work of art according to some aesthetic principles.

The architect and theorist of classicism André Félibien, in a seventeenth century, in a prologue to the Conferences of the French Academy made a hierarchy of genres of classical painting: "history, portrait, landscape, seas, flowers and the fruits".

Painting is one of the oldest artistic expressions and one of the seven Fine Arts. In aesthetics or art theory, painting is considered as a universal category comprising all artistic creations made on surfaces. A category applicable to any technique or type of hardware or material, including supports or ephemeral techniques as well as supports or digital techniques.


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