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Handicrafts, in general terms, are work done with the hands, with or without tools. By extension, the result of such work is also known as craftsmanship.

Generally, it is denominated thus some didactic works in which the objective is looked for a personal advance, development of the creativity, and are a form of entertainment. The ability to make crafts is associated with the motor development of those who make them - fine or coarse motor, which is why it is used during the early stages of the student. As much as occupational therapy in adults.

The Do-It-Yourself concept from manual activities has given rise to a stream of creative "Do it Yourself" practitioners, ranging from home repair and manual work to the production of raw materials.

Crafts in school

Crafts or crafts are physical and aesthetic activities performed by children in school. These contribute to the integral development of the children in their education, since the combinations of forms and colors contribute to develop their own imagination and creativity. Physical development, also called motor development, is improved thanks to the coordination between mind, hand and sight that provides working with crafts, as well as fine motor skills. Social development improves the ability of children in group work, it also helps students express their feelings and improve their emotional development.

Children, assisted by certain tools or utensils, make the crafts. Some of these jobs consist of braiding, weaving, trimming, gluing, brightening, pricking and embroidering strips, squares of paper or other materials (cardboard, ribbons, cloth, beech, straw, etc.). Drawing and modeling is another subject that schoolchildren do as crafts. They reproduce geometric bodies, small architectural monuments, figures, fruits, etc.

Crafts in the business world

Artisans who make crafts take advantage of their creativity to turn it into a business and set up their own company. One study concluded that business creativity is related to competitive advantage, which means that creative entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed by working with innovative and unique ideas.

The creative entrepreneur is important for the generation of new jobs, since it allows other artisans to develop their small businesses and help the economic development of their community. When we are talking about creative entrepreneur we refer to the way of thinking of the craftsmen to solve their problems and competitive strategies to market their products. This concept of creativity allows artisans to collaborate among themselves and to develop networks, share ideas and improve their industries. In addition they can receive collaboration of artists, educators, the own government and entrepreneurs of its community.

A person with business creativity is able to maximize their options and profits, is a good planner, optimizes the use of time, is innovative, cares about quality and takes ideas from other successful businesses.


Crafts can be made with an endless supply of materials such as: paper, cardboard, cardboard, fabric, felt, clay, plastic, wool, glass, recycled containers, colored waxes, paint, wire, wood, wire, etc. Getting great things and even reusing objects that no longer serve, turning them into new innovative things (called crafts with reusable materials). Currently there are a multitude of websites that present tutorials to develop different crafts, even with thematic of the season.

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In this section you will find materials for crafts such as paints, mastics, clay, auxiliary materials, paintings and school materials that you can buy comfortably online.

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