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Hobby Stencils by Acrylicos Vallejo

Publicado en23/09/2021 por 5931

In this article we are going to see a new product from Acrylicos Vallejo, as we already know this company since its foundation has been developing paints and aids for modeling, becoming one of the leading companies in modeling in the world.

These very good quality templates have been on the market for more than a year, now by following the links that appear in the images and at the end of the article you can access directly in the section where they are available.

Vallejo Stencils offers a wide selection of references and themes for modelers and craftsmen. Translucent and flexible material, it adapts easily to the surfaces of the model. The washable and easy-to-use templates make it easy to reproduce all kinds of hobby effects and textures. Fantasy and military dioramas, tanks, buildings, airplanes, spaceships, science fiction, these can now be enhanced with details for interesting and simple results.

Available in several categories:
• AFV Markings: Insignia, numbers, slogans, signs, unit marks and nationality designed for historical and modern armored vehicles.

• Camouflages: Patterns for camouflages of armored vehicles and aircraft; available in various scales.

• Air Marks: Insignia, numbers, unit and nationality marks, registrations and surface effects designed for historical and modern aircraft.

• Lettering and Signs: Traffic signs, typefaces and diorama signs, advertisements, retail signs, and graffiti.

• Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Badges, numbers, effects, panels, and patterns designed for science fiction spacecraft and vehicles.

• Texture effects: splashes, textures, cracks, stains, and other textures and physical effects.

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